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otherkin fashion
clothing and accessories appealing to otherkin - ask box currently CLOSED! please don't send us fanmail requests!

That’s all for tonight, kinfriends! Have a fantastic evening, each and every one of you! <3

- Angel

082014 2

For the Donkeykin out there!


082014 1

wcgoods »

They have pendants and earrings based on a lot of animals, including foxes, wolves, dogs, and others (not all of them are canines, but they have a lot of animals in only one or two things). 

- as submitted by k-scanine

082014 11

Good Cop/Bad Cop (The Lego Movie) fictionkin for anon

Good Cop/Bad Cop keychain

Good Cop/Bad Cop pins

Good Cop/Bad Cop earrings

"The Good The Bad The Ugly" tee

Good Cop/Bad Cup bracelets

082014 15

American English languagekin for a sweet anon (I hope this suffices…?)

Dictionary-print scarf

"Hello" tank top

"Literature is my Boyfriend" necklace

gourmet grammatarian plate set

082014 12

I hate to put a damper on this, but you do know that Sebastian’s seal is the Tetragrammaton, right? “Tetragrammaton”…

That’s okay! Thanks for bringing this up, too! I was just following what the Anon had requested. If it turns out they are unsatisfied and were looking for other materials, then we can for sure make another post that better suits what they were looking for. <3

- Angel

pastel fogkin for a kind anon

in the fog quartz necklace

purple fog eyeshadow

soft pale blue foggy stud earrings

tree at dawn necklace

haze vintage recycled journal

082014 54

for the anon who wanted a foxkin costume on a budget… (total: ~$34)

copper-tipped ears 

claw nails

fox tail

082014 29
Anonymous asked—
Can i request neutral spacekin clothing?

Hello, friend! There are quite a lot of pieces of spacekin clothing (neutral, feminine, and masculine alike) already in our spacekin tag. Why don’t you take a stroll through there?

If you are meaning something more specific, please let me know! 

- Angel

082014 4

Onoda Sakamici (Yowamushi Pedal) fictionkin for a very sweet anon

Yowamushi Pedal charms

Onoda Sakamichi cosplay uniform

Onoda phone case

Onoda sticker

082014 5