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otherkin fashion
clothing and accessories appealing to otherkin - ask box currently CLOSED! please don't send us fanmail requests!

That’s all for now, kinfriends! But based on how much I got through today, I think for sure tomorrow we’ll be able to open up the askbox again! It’s all very exciting!

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness today. You’ve all been amazing. I hope you have a fantastic evening, and I look forward to finishing up the rest of your requests tomorrow!

See you then!

- Angel

102014 3

gothic alienkin for anon

gothic alien head jewelry

monochrome alien crop top

industrial long hoodie

alien giger heels (super expensive!!)

102014 19
No, it certainly looks like Roxy stuff. I guess maybe the lipstick is more Rose-like but the rest is Roxy.
Nope your correct you do have Roxy
no, but that was roxy lalonde stuff, you didnt fuck up at all
Everything looked to be in order! I read Homestuck a bit back and that seemed correct.

Thanks so much, all of you! I appreciate your feedback and reassurance more than you know; you’re all very kind.

- Angel

102014 1

feminine deep, ancient sea monsterkin for a kind anon

deep sea shark tooth and coral earrings

sea monster hoodie

sea monster cowl

dark sea monster eye necklace

deep sea monster tights

102014 47

did you fuck up and look for rose lalonde shit

I don’t think so? I was told to look up Roxy Lalonde, so I found related items for her character.

I myself know almost nothing about Homestuck, though, so the character I looked up could very well have been wrong. Please inform me if so—does this look like a set for a Rose and not Roxy? And if it does, then I will correct my mistake immediately. I apologize terribly for the inconvenience. Again, I do not know much about Homestuck, so it is possible I could have looked up the wrong character.


- Angel

102014 8

Roxy Lalonde (Homestuck) fictionkin for

purple striped knitted scarf

black thigh-high tights

pink cat head outline crop top

dark purple lipstick

102014 21

Jane Lane (Daria) fictionkin for a sweet anon

Jane Lane choker

Jane Lane stackable mugs

pastel Sick, Sad World sweatshirt

Daria crossover bag

102014 13

Owl Wings Scarf

Owl Necklace

Crocheted Owl Hat

Some owl/birdkin things!

102014 39

androgynous frostkin for anon

mini snow/frost top hat hair clip

snow hairpins

frost necklace

white snow hoodie

102014 18

Hot Air Balloon Space Travel

Nebula Wallet 

The Cosmos Are Within Us T-Shirt

I Have Loved The Stars Too Fondly T-Shirt

102014 34