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otherkin fashion
clothing and accessories appealing to otherkin - ask box currently open!

im done for tonight. goodnight kinfriends

heads up and friendly reminder that if any of you guys need to talk or even just want to chat you’re more than welcome to talk to me on my main blog here. stay safe


072614 5

dragonkin gloves and firekin clothes for anon

dragon claw gloves

dragon scale fingerless glove things

fire pants

green fire leggings

072614 34

wild dogkin for anon

wild dog pendant

wild dog silver necklace

wild dog ear hat

072614 13

luna mothkin and batkin for anon

luna moth earrings

luna moth phone case

bat earcuff

bat necklace

072614 11

Kirakin from Dark Crystal for anon

kira pendant

dark crystal patch

dark crystal bangle 

072614 2

punk/shadow birdkin stuff for anon

punk bird sticker

birdpunk phone case

bird silhouette  nail decal

shadow bird skull ring

072614 8

irkenkin for anon

irken flag pendant

irken vneck tanktop

invader zim buttons

industrial hex nut irken themed earrings

072614 17

pastel dragonkin stuff for anon

pastel dragon scale cuff

pastel blue dragon vein agate scale pendant

pink mah jong dragon tile bracelet 

pastel purple dragon tote bag

072614 14

things with many eyes for gcdzilla

eyes bottlecap brooch

eyes phone cases

eyeball bracelet

072614 12
Anonymous asked—
I love this blog. I'm newly awakened as lunarkin and I just want to say this blog is so helpful. Thank you so much.

we’re glad we’re able to help! thank you for your kind words uvu


072614 1