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otherkin fashion
clothing and accessories appealing to otherkin - ask box currently closed!


Deerkin are hella cute, I had so much fun searching for all the cute little horns and things :)

Lamb/Deer hooded capelet (WITH EARS! AND LITTLE HORNS!)

Custom deer tail (so cute!)

Deer print skirt

Little twisted horns


Twisted ram horns

Insanely fabulous ice ram horns

Reindeer antlers ring

072914 165

takin a break. stay safe kin friends!


072814 4

teddy bearkin for autistictediz

teddy bear clay brooch

silver teddy necklace

teddy ears ring

teddy earrings

(i like this post it looks colour coordinated)

072814 8
Anonymous asked—
maybe some cryptidkin?

i need a specific cryptid. vague requests are really difficult im sorry

Bill Cipher fictivekin for anon

cipher handpainted plate

pop-art pin

pinback buttons

cipher wheel pendant

072814 23

sauropodkin for @autisticvriska

sauropod earrings

apatosaurus necklace

saltasaurus egg shell fragments

072814 2

shukkin/barghestkin for yorkbarghest

quality black dog ears

3D printed black shuck skeleton

tooth necklace

felted wool ear hat

072814 15

spirit/ghost bearkin for @octobutler 

spirit bear cuff

glowing ghost bear hood

clear bear earrings

072814 11

Evangelion fictive for anon

NERV necklace

rei/shinji eva suit hairclips

asuka eva suit hairclips

nerv tee

072814 34

Enderman fictive for anon

enderman paracord cuff 

enderman wall decal

enderman sticker

minecraft enderman shirt

072814 17