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otherkin fashion
clothing and accessories appealing to otherkin - ask box currently CLOSED! please don't send us fanmail requests!


Today’s Gender of the day is: Chibiterasu, the celestial wolf puppy.

091714 709

That’s all I can do for now, kinfriends! I’m so super sleepy! 

Have a wonderful day! I hope everything’s going well for you all. <3

- Angel

091714 1

masculine minimalist ghostkin for anon

ghost printed tee

ghost ring

white numberless watch

little ghost necklace

091714 42

succubus-kin for anon

succubus horns

cute succubus earrings

succubus necklace

succubus perfume

091714 9

Senketsu (Kill la Kill) fictionkin for anon

Senketsu/Junketsu zip-up bags

Senketsu phone case

Senketsu/Junketsu bobby pins

Senketsu hairbow

Senketsu laptop decal

091714 45

Sniper (Team Fortress 2) fitionkin for  

TF2 Sniper phone charm

"Sniping’s a good job, Mate" tee

TF2 paracord bracelet

TF2 Sniper rifle charm

091714 23

Sneaking on to work on some of these requests! Like Arcanine said, we are now taking mod applications! And we could definitely use the help, friends! 

That being said, now let’s see what we can do!

- Angel

091714 3

Mod applications will be open for 3 days. Please submit them when you're done. Please do not use FanMail!

  • Name:
  • What you prefer to be called as a mod:
  • Age:
  • Kintype:
  • Preferred pronouns:
  • URL:
  • Best way to contact you:
  • How often you’ll be able to be online:
  • Why you want to be a mod:
  • Are you in school/work : (this is so that we can be sensitive to your schedule)
  • Good luck!
091714 8


alright guys as im sure you can tell, we are a little in over our heads. It seems to just be Angel and me, so we will once again be opening mod applications! ill publish a form here in a second, so if youre interested, please fill it out and submit it to us! Thank you and goodluck!!


091714 6

nice looking feather wings for Angelkin »

The small (cherub) and medium wings are relatively affordable — they’re $34 and $49 respectively — and the rest are all pretty expensive, but still very pretty. I thought you guys might like it, if you haven’t seen already ^^U And they have strapless ones, too!

091614 18